Über uns


Our journey, which started in 1989 as a drapery retail store, on the 2nd floor of a business building in the bazaar, over time turned towards home textiles as a result of the market loss of drapery against ready-made products.


Since 1996, Sümaş Tekstil has been the dealer of the country's leading companies in outlets of export fabrics and ‘ready to use’ home textile products, and as a result of the last 12 years, Sümaş Tekstil has gained recognition throughout the country.


In 2009, we established the COTTON BOX brand by adding the brand’s own commercial culture to what has been learned from the companies with whom the trade interacitons have been done, by bringing an individual comment to the trade rules of filtered for centuries, in a principled and coherent way with the criterion of RESPECT. It started its activities in the home textile sector with 2 consecutive 5-year plans.


At the point we have reached today, our third 5-year planning continues with 100% domestic production, active exports to 45 countries, and more than 1,100 retailers in domestic market.

With the consciousness that the money is only a tool in making trade but the essential element is HUMAN and with our company and brand structuring based on TRUST-STABILITY-RESPECT, We look to the future with hope..